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Best Glucometer In India

Glucometers are hand-held blood glucose monitoring devices, which are used by people with diabetes to self-monitor their blood sugar levels. It is an easy way to track blood glucose levels between doctor appointments and know how your lifestyle is affecting it. 

Unhealthy lifestyle and excess of sugary substance increase the level of glucose in our body and the condition are called diabetes mellitus. According to a survey, diabetes affects 400 million adult people every year worldwide.

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease leading to impaired carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism as a result of insufficient production of the hormone insulin or improper action.

Blood sugar in a healthy person on an empty stomach is 3.5-5.5mmol/L, after eating it rises to 7.8 mmol/L, but not higher because in response to its increase the pancreas secretes insulin.

A glucometer is a hand-held portable device allows you to check the blood glucose readings from time to time without visiting any doctor or waiting hours in the healthcare center queues.

Our team of experts has done tremendous research by reviewing the products and picked the Best Glucometer In India.

Top 5 Glucometer In India

1. Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer

 Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer
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The very first one in the list is Accu-Chek glucometer, helps to monitor blood sugar levels fast and effortlessly. It is one of the popular and highest selling glucometers in India that is available at decent prices.

Up to 720 of the last measurements of blood glucose levels are stored in the device’s memory, which can then be viewed on a PC after installing a compatible software application. 

There is no need for setting up any setup. We just need to insert a test strip, apply a small blood sample and read your blood glucose results.

Target range indicator with 9 color options Need to code
Maximum of 750 test samples Less number of test strips
Comes at affordable prices
10 Years warranty


2. Dr. Trust Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine

Dr. Trust  Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine
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It helps you to measure blood glucose levels, quickly, accurately and comfortably. It is the most accurate device to monitor glucose (sugar Testing) in blood at home.

Dr. Trust requires a very small amount of blood sample (0.5ul) which makes testing very less painful and even comes with a backlight display which makes the user read at night.

The device comes with a unique feature which allows you to set an alarm as a reminder for taking the measurements.

1000 Memory capacity 1 Year warranty
LCD display and backlight
60 strips
Reminder for measurements
No coding


3. Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer
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Get health alerts using Morepen Glucometer. It has got wonderful features and functionalities that record the accurate values of sugar levels in the blood. 

This glucometer is equipped with a good number of useful features like 25 test strips, lancets, and LCD display at reasonable prices. All of them helps to track your blood readings exactly.

The glucometer features 300-sample memory that enables you to store enough test results to analyze 7-, 14-, or 31-day average sugar levels. By the way, only 0.5 microlitre of blood is sufficient for indicating an accurate sugar level, which means that taking the blood sample is an absolutely painless procedure. 

0.5microlitre of blood requireddesign can be improved
25 strips freesometimes non accurate results
lifetime warranty
low cost


4. Beato Smartphone Glucometer

Beato Smartphone Glucometer
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Beato is a newly launched start-up company that is committed to providing high-quality products with standard customer support services.

With this, your smartphone can turn into a handy blood glucose management tool. BeatO Smartphone Glucometer plugs into the audio port of the phone using the 3.5mm jack. It works well with android and iPhone devices.

You need to give a tiny blood sample of 0.6µl for measuring and after completing the process, store the device within the temperature ranging from 20-55˚C.  The BeatO Glucometer comes with spare strips for regular blood sugar monitoring so that you never have an excuse to miss your self-assessment.

small and easy to operate
0.6 microlitre of blood is required
long battery life


5. OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer 

OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer
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OneTouch is considered as one of the best glucometer brands available in India right now. It is very easy to use. It is easy to understand the blood results with it’s color sure signals and its audio technology.

To check blood glucose levels, simply insert the strip into the meter and place the blood sample. It will give the appropriate results in no time. And also alerts you when the battery is low on the machine.

Moreover, it has an icon-driven interface with no coding, no setup or no buttons. It just comes with 10 test strips that are of low cost compared to others in the list.

Easy to holdNo storage memory function
Audio signals
Color sure signals
Lifetime replacement options



When it comes to staying strong and healthy, one should measure its blood sugar level from time to time. You don’t need to be a diabetic to check your blood sugar level.

Everyone should keep an eye on their blood sugar level to avoid any major issues in the future. A glucometer is the best option to keep an eye on your blood level as it’s convenient and easy and can be done at any time.

We have done detailed research for the Best Glucometer In India and we hope you will like our reviews. If you still not satisfied with the results you can have some more options on Amazon or you can even visit your nearby market.

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