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What is Viral Fever??

Viral fever is a group of viral infections that affects the body and is characterized by high fever, burning in the eyes, headaches, body aches and sometimes nausea and vomiting.

Fever is common among infants and older people as their immunity is low. The fever by itself is not an illness, it is a symptom of an underlying cause, which is a viral infection. A viral infection can occur in any part of the body,  intestines, lungs, etc.

The high fever is usually a sign of the immune system of the body, fighting against the viruses and “burning them off”.

How Does it occur??

Viral fever is transmitted from one person to another through contact with the infected person’s bodily fluids.

When the infected person yawns, sneezes, coughs, or even talks, tiny sprays of fluids are ejected from their bodies which may enter your system if you are close by. Once the virus enters your system, it takes anywhere from 16 hours to 48 hours to turn into infection with fever in your body.

What are the Symptoms of Viral Fever??

Most people have a body temperature of 98.6F or 37C. So if a person has a temperature of more than 98.6F or 37C then he must be suffering from viral fever and have the some of the mentioned symptoms:

  • fever
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • weakness
  • chills
  • headache
  • muscle, body and joint pains
  • muscle congestion
  • chest congestion
  • sore throat
  • vomiting
  • cough

Most of the symptoms last for a few days.

Diagnosis of Viral Fever

Since the viral fever symptoms are common to many diseases, diagnosing the specific form of fever can be difficult. The doctor will ask you to undertake a blood test for a confirmation of the diagnosis and to rule out the possibility of any disease such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya, typhoid, etc.

How Viral Fever is treated??

Generally, Viral Fever does not require any specific treatment.

Usually, Viral Fever subsides for 2-3 days. If you still see the symptoms you should consult your family doctor or a general physician. The doctor may give you a few reducers(medicines for pain relief).

He may also prescribe some Antibiotics, but these are only to counter any secondary infection you may catch.

Some Home Treatments:

  • Take proper sleep.
  • Don’t have outside food. Light food is recommended as you won’t feel bloated.
  • Drinking enough fluids to stay hydrated.


A Viral Fever is nothing to worry about and resolves on their own in a day or two. But if you have a temperature more than 103F or 39C it’s better to consult a doctor.

Don’t try yourself to be a doctor if your not because FALSE KNOWLEDGE IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN IGNORANCE.

Try to take enough sleep and drink enough water to stay hydrated.

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