• saunf

    Saunf(Fennel): Health Benefits And Uses

    Saunf is known as Fennel in English. Saunf is a yellowish-green, a herb commonly cultivated throughout India. It has also been used for flavouring from times immemorial. All parts of the plants are aromatic. Saunf is similar in appearance and…

  • elaichi

    Elaichi: Health Benefits & Uses

    Elaichi is known as Cardamon in English. Elaichi is also grouped into two categories, namely, Chotti Elaichi and Badi Elaichi. It is one of the most important and valued spices in the world. Elaichi is also the second most important…

  • asafoetida heeng

    Hing(Asafoetida): Health Benefits & Uses

    Asafoetida is popularly known as Hing in Hindi. It is a dry latex or resinous gum of a tall perennial plant. The latex is collected in earthen vessels, dried and then packed in leather bags in the form of Hing.…

  • indian spices

    Indian Spices

    Spices are one of the most famous forms of natural foods. They help in the indigenous system of medicine. Indian spices act as natural healers since ancient times. India is the Home Of Spices. This is due to the fact…

  • Saffron

    Saffron: Uses & Health Benefits

    Need a natural remedy for asthma, or are looking for a safe way to lose weight saffron will add a natural and effective element for your purposes Grown and traded for about 4000 years, this costly spice has found function…